4 Nigerian Food Bloggers Worth Following on Instagram

I’ve done the rounds on Instagram all for the love of food and have come up with 5 Nigerian food bloggers who reside in Canada that are worth following on Instagram right now. Each of the Nigerian food bloggers have their areas of strength when it comes to cooking methods, taste and presentation.

1. 9ja Foodie

Not all Nigerian food can be unhealthy. Ronke of 9jafoodie  is based in Saskatchewan and she highlights what it is like to eat healthy the Nigerian way. Her popular ebook “Lose It Nigerian” is a compilation of healthy Nigerian recipes designed to help people lose weight.


2. Afrolems

She started off in Canada and later moved to Nigeria. Since then she has become a cooking sensation with over 30,000 followers on Instagram and was recently named by CNN as one of 5 African food bloggers to follow.

3. My Small Naija Kitchen

Who knew that mouthwatering wonders could come out of a small kitchen? Olamide is based in Toronto and she shares regular updates of Nigerian recipes from the comfort of her small Naija kitchen. Remember it doesn’t just take a big kitchen to cook great tasting delicacies.

Pot of Jollof

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5. Lohi Creates

Lohi’s page is a place of inspiration and not only are her dishes creative, the presentation is simply on point. She hasn’t blogged in a long time ever since tying the knot but her website is a treasure trove of recipes just waiting to be found.




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