On Buying A Good Curly Wig

Weeks ago, I found an amazing curly wig! It was love at first sight when I spotted it on a mannequin at CJ Beauty Supply Store inside the Seasons Mall (50 Kennedy Road) in Brampton. Let me tell you how it all began. Myself and a couple of my girlfriends decided to take a road trip from Kitchener to Toronto in order to do some shopping. I welcomed the idea not particularly saying to myself, “I’m going to get a curly wig” but I was willing to go window-shopping and see if anything would catch my interest. So I went, I saw this curly wig – (A Vanessa Top Super C-Side wigs with a lace part) and the rest was history.

As you might have noticed in a couple of my previous posts, my real hair is short ever since I cut it over a year and half ago. Don’t get me wrong, I have a short afro that I am very proud of but I was feeling for something different. Hence, I decided to do a little experimenting with wigs. Why not, right? Now, I know a good wig when I see it. It has to have the right texture that’s similar to my kinky hair and most of all, it needs to look nice. I walked into the wig section of store and I spotted exactly what I needed. Deep down, I knew the wig was right for me but I asked to try it on just incase it would end up looking funny on my head. It didn’t just look nice, it was absolutely gorgeous and after a few nods of approval from my friends, I purchased it.

My recommendation is for you to buy a wig based on the way it looks on you and how it makes you feel. Do you feel confident when you wear it? Do you feel like a million bucks or like you belong on the front cover of a magazine? Those are things you should be asking yourself when you purchase a wig. Next, look at the quality and durability of the wig.I suggest you go for 100% human hair or something as close to it as possible which will enable you to wash the hair, re-curl and re-use it many times over. Look at the style, size and volume of the curls to ensure it is exactly what you desire. Then, make sure there is an adjustable strap at the bottom of the wig to enable you fasten it tightly lest it wobbles or runs the risk of falling off on a windy day and how tragic that would be.

All in all, I spent almost $100 but I’m getting my money’s worth considering the quality and number of years I will get out of wearing this wig. I am quite happy with my purchase and I am sure you will also love it too. Check your nearest beauty supply store for Vanessa hair; if they carry the brand, you will see tons of other wigs in different styles and colours. Be sure to check it out and don’t forget to let me know how it goes!




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