Fashion PR: Pitching Your Brand to Media

Fashion PR can help your brand get featured in glossy magazines and online publications, which is a great way to build awareness and brand recognition. I am a product of many professional development opportunities and this post is adapted from a recent teleconference with my mentor, Pauleanna Reid who is also a contributor for Forbes Magazine. I may be a marketing and communications strategist who has done a fair bit of public/media relations throughout the span of almost a 10-year career but the truth is that I’ll always be a life-long learner and this instance is no different.

When it comes to fashion PR, it is first things first. You have to ask yourself if your business is ready for media attention. Make sure you actually have something to offer. Build a solid foundation for your business and online presence before you pull the trigger. Polish your brand and position yourself as someone who is professional and that knows what they are talking about. Just because you have a business or brand does not mean that the media or the public should stop and take note. This is not about being popular so don’t go hard on social media and not enough in real life. Read my recent case study on Zuvaa Inc. and you’ll understand why having substance is very important or else getting the media attention could create inconsistencies in your brand messaging over time. Master your craft, build a rapport with your audience and then approach the media third.

Stay ready and have an angle
When you email a journalist at a major publication, they will want to know exactly who you are. Chances are they will look you up on Google and you want to make sure that your online presence or content is on point. Your photos should be professional and your videos should be exceptional. Next, find out if your brand’s news story aligns with any special event or current affairs issue that is going on right now. Think about your audience and how your brand plays into larger themes that are happening in the world. Figure out what makes you different, the problems that you are solving, if there is a unique success story there and why your news is hot right now.

Writing the pitch email
Make your email subject short, simple and catchy. In the email itself, you want to grab their attention and provide value before asking for what you want. Do not send your email to the general mailbox because it might not get to the right person and will only end up in the trash. Address the email to the person responsible for covering your story directly and if you have an opportunity to build a rapport with them prior, then do so to avoid sending a cold email. Also, don’t email a food editor about your clothing line when you should be reaching out to a style or fashion editor. Twitter is a powerful tool for finding writers, editors and television producers. You can also subscribe to a media contacts database such as Cision. Finally, track your open rate. Find a way to track when they open the email, what time they do, from where in the world, if they clicked the link you included or whether they forwarded it.

Don’t ignore the little guys
When it comes to fashion PR, most people are thinking only about the major players such as Elle Canada and Vogue. However, don’t forget that smaller media outlets or blogs are also a gateway for you to be featured with the big ones. Always follow-up and don’t give up. Remember to be patient. Stay humble and remain positive no matter what happens. Remember that media people are very busy and they get a ton of emails daily. Sometimes, you will have to reach out to a journalist more than once over an extended period of time. If you are persistent, you will win.

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