Client Testimonials


“Jamila Kyari was an integral part of our successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the Bohten5 collection. As a fashion marketing consultant for our brand, she helped us structure our message for the campaign to our fan base and beyond. She helped us execute our pre-Kickstarter promotions campaign to perfection with Thunderclap, social media and Mailchimp. Her weekly advice and updates allowed me to delegate tasks for our campaign a lot more efficiently. I am extremely happy with her services as she went above and beyond to ensure that we had a successful campaign. She also landed us a CBC news article to cap off the project which was a very big deal. I would recommend her as a pivotal part of any consulting, marketing and public relations team to help your company reach its full potential.”

– Nana Boateng Osei, CEO of Bohten Eyeglasses Inc.

“Participants in the Colourful Confidence workshop truly enjoyed themselves. Through conversations and a photo collage activity, the women were offered an opportunity to share their experiences and opinions about their personal styles, and societal expectations and norms, and gained greater insight into not only their styles but themselves.  Jamila’s excellent communication skills allowed for a smooth and guided discussion between those who had a great deal to say and those who were more reserved. Her patient and friendly manner made it a joy for everyone involved.”

– Marcey Gray, 
Program Coordinator, Spark of Brilliance
Self Help Alliance at Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)